Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Wicked Night Out

Tonight I have plans for a Wicked good night...
I bought the tickets months ago & my night at the theater has finally arrived! I've never seen this show before (I know, I'm the last in Western Hemisphere), plus I always love a night on the town like a classy grown-ass woman would, so here's to making the most of it!

So what's on the agenda?

First is wardrobe. My incredibly talented friend, Kristen, custom made an infinity dress for last weekend's wedding so it will be take 2 for that hot little number. I just need to decide how to wear it, there are so many options!

Next up, focus on the details. Another blog I follow just posted today about Wicked Sweet Nail Polish Collection.... could that be anymore perfect?

And of course, a lady needs a proper escort for a night out. Who knows what could happen on the streets of Gotham City? (If you're an out of towner you might not know they just finished filming the new Batman movie here... which makes me totally geeky for that last statement! haha oh well) I've got the arm-candy covered, my good buddy Dylan will be playing the role of gentleman escort for the evening. Classy, right?

(hear no evil, seek to evil, speak no evil, eat no evil)

Have a good night, my pretties... and your little dog too.


  1. thanks for the shout out ;) I wanna see Wicked =( lol

  2. I feel like such a crappy friend! I've been so tied up at work I haven't dropped a comment in forever. SORRY! So jealous of your fauncy night out and your pretty nail polish. I reeehheeellly need a cool night out like this. Was it fun?

  3. Have fun! I haven't actually gone, but my parents went for their anniversary and loved it! Also, I'm confused by that dress...

  4. hey, I haven't seen this show either! Now I'll be the only one in the Western Hemisphere to have not seen it!

    Enjoy. :)

  5. er...hope you enjoyed it... two nights ago. :)


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