Why Sparky? A friend once told me that I was like a lighter: I had everything you need to start a fire but it took someone else to make the spark happen. At first I was a little wounded... Should I be more spontaneous, adventurous, motivated? What?! 
Wasn't I going offroading to campfires, 
               dancing all night til 7am, 
               going on adventures? 
I had the fire, baby, make no mistake about it.

Turns out it's true. After graduation my fire definitely dimmed... I felt old at 23. I guess this was my version of "no man's an island" when I realized that I wasn't enough to keep me happy all by myself.  And the community happened. I moved into the heart of the city where I had friends withing a short walk & something was changing... I was getting my spark back. I felt FUN again! In order to be happy I need to surround myself with the things, places, & activities that inspire me & spark my fire! I need to ride my bike, make dinner with friends, dress up, or other days be comfortable being seen in yoga pants, laugh all day, play in the park, & sing karaoke!

So that's what this is. My sparks.

much love,

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