Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Secret Pal:

Dear Secret Pal,
I owe you an apology, whoever you are. I'm sorry that I called you a deadbeat, I judged you too quickly and far too harshly. You're not a deadbeat at all. Thank you very much for my fair-trade coffee beans, I'm sure you went well over the dollar amount encouraged & I appreciate your thoughtfulness. And an extra big thank you for those gourmet dog treats... Natalie LOVES them.. & I love you for not judging me for spoiling my dog rotten.

I feel like I need some way to balance my karma after being hostile & full of myself. I guess the way to balance that is to build up someone else.

Blogger buddy, Emily, is hosting a little competition over at her blog called "Work It Wednesday". Show off you kid strutting their fiercest ensembles & sass, & you just might win a prize. Jokingly I asked if I could enter Natalie & her response was:
Sure! Work It Wednesday does not discriminate, I'm sure you feel like your pup is your "kid" so let the workin' begin!
If that's not the sweetest bit of validation for my neurotic puppy-momma tendencies you've ever heard, I don't know what is! So folks, karmic energies are restored & you just got something fun to do. Start rooting through those photos & I'll see you over there!


  1. Sooooo...I'd love to submit pictures of Jemma and Hugo...BUT....

    ...Question...if I say "work it" a lot (Austin Powers style) when I take their pictures (even if they're not responding to it)...does that count? Does "stoic" count as a type of sass?

  2. If we have enough "furbabies" (ugghh I hate the term, it's cheesey but true) enter, I'll create a special category with it's own prize!

  3. Oh, and one more thing Lauren as far as puppy-momma validations are concerned, this one is mild. Let me just tell you, you are talking to a woman whose mother carries pictures of her three dogs in her wallet. I'm used to throwing out those validations.

  4. You are too funny girl! And yes, I can set up a cot for you in the craft room for sure:) We'd love to have you! Haha!


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