Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ladies Night

Did you immediately start singing the 70's song & imagine me out on the town with the girls, martinis in hand, trolling for eligible bachelors? haha Sorry, it's not that kind of ladies night...

That's right, ladies night at the rock climbing wall! If you need to replace "Ladies Night" with a different song now that you have all the information, I'd suggest Miley Cyrus "The Climb". But that's just my opinion.

This is the 2nd week of rock climbing on Wednesdays. It's all part of my "How to kick winter's ass" plan... which is 1 part hot tea, 1 part literature, 2 parts active, & a generous dash of good friends. Speaking of good friends, let me show you 3 reason why Jen is amazing:

If you need a 4th reason why she's amazing (as if being so badass that your skin rips from your hand out of pure fear wasn't enough) (ok so it's actually from friction. whatever...), she's also running a 1/2 marathon this Saturday. Tell her how amazing she is if you get the chance, please. I'm not quite as fine of a physical specimen, but I carry my weight. (no, literally...) I was really scared the first time & wasn't even convinced I'd get up the wall at all. But I did. And I still have an "Oh sh*t, what did I get myself into" moment every time I reach the top & realize I have to get down, but I somehow manage that too.

Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night. (oh what a night...)


p.s. Does anyone have the ability to "mash-up" songs like they do on Glee? If we did a mash-up of Ladies Night AND The Climb I would be so excited I'd probably pee. Let me know if you actually have those kind of skills. That's all.

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  1. You're the sweetest ever! I survived the half and plan to get my climb on while in sunny AZ, but I'll be thinking of you, of course! I miss you already.


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