Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 49

Here we are again, another week of Flashbacks & I just realized I'm almost to 50! Holy cow. We should do something special next week, what do you think? Maybe a giveaway or something. Let me give it some thought & you just make sure to come back next week to see how we'll celebrate the big five-oh.

Ok, on to the flashback!

There's a certain self-awareness that comes with age, when you start to pick up patterns & understand there are just certain truths about yourself that will never change regardless of your choices.

Fact: If I don't see the ocean for more than a year I get an antsy feeling down deep in my bones that won't go away.

Seriously, it happens like clockwork. I've been feeling the call lately & looking for an excuse to escape, then I realize it's been since last April that I've had my toes in the sand & could smell salt in the air. I'm going totally stir crazy over here!! But I started a new job in May so it's no vacation for this lady for a few more months. In this respect I am totally my mother's daughter, & she must have been feeling the call as well because she just asked if I'd like to go to the beach this October. THANK THE LORD.

In the meantime I'll have to hunt down a lake with a fake beach, close my eyes, & do my best to pretend. And reminisce of course. 3 more months will fly by in no time.

2008 in Jupiter, FL with the roommate
I'm not really that skinny, but in a bout of low self-esteem I totally photoshopped it. lol Can you tell? I can't even find the original anymore so let's all pretend my waist is really that small. Ok? Ok.

2009 back in Jupiter with the BFF.
Completely UNphotoshopped but kind of wishing it was. haha
We "climbed a palm tree" for the coconuts. Translation: We picked them off the ground & then took fake photos on a tree our size.

2010 St. Augustine, FL
I spent the day alone at the beach... & it was one of the best days I can remember. There was literally no one else in eye sight. Just me & the waves... perfection.

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”  --Jacques Cousteau

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  1. I would go to the beach if... Oklahoma wasn't in the middle of the dang country! Three months will fly, and then you'll be at the beach, though :) Also, your solo beach outfit is cute. Love the hat. Though if there was no one else in sight, I'm wondering how you got that picture....

  2. You have to know I feel the same way. I get both beach and mountain withdrawls. Imagine how bummed I was when I lived in North Dakota for 2 years. No beach or mountains :( The smell of the sea is comforting to me!

  3. I know what you mean. Haven't spent much time on the Atlantic beaches, but have been lucky enough to live by the Pacific most of my life.

    And you look great in all those shots, photoshopped or not!

  4. I wanted to participate today - but unfortunately I am studying for an exam! I will swing by next week.


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