Monday, July 11, 2011

Un parti français? Oui, s'il vous plaît.

"I swear if she makes me wear a beret, I'm leaving" ~Lee
"Um, I don't really think I need to share a candle-lit dinner with my coworkers" ~Jill

These were the murmurings that could be heard around my office on Friday as I completely took over our monthly "Festive Food Friday". And they were shortly followed by phrases more along the lines of "Wow, you should do this for a living." and "Do you plan weddings?"

It's a classic pattern...
  1. Lauren sees something neglected that could be done better
  2. She takes total control
  3. She goes way overboard to the point of people thinking she's ridiculous
  4. Everyone has a lovely time.
And that's exactly what happened as we were transported to a quaint little bistro in France, if only for the afternoon.

And if you ever feel like having your own Festive (French) Food Friday, here's a little playlist I made to set the mood. Seriously feel free to steal any of my ideas & bon appetit!

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  1. funny enough you HAVE planned a wedding (one that i feel very fond of) and you SHOULD do this for a living - or at least get paid for your skills in organizing fun


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