Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Drinks

It's no secret that I'm convinced the best people in the world live in Pittsburgh and are all my friends. It may seem unlikely to you, but I'm fairly certain of the validity of this theory. And while many of my peers would spend a Friday night at a pretentious club or trying to get laid, I spent mine drinking from mason jars & screaming about social justice in Israel. (haha what? It's ok, we can always hug it out after yelling about ridiculous things) But in one way we don't differ is that just like any other 27 year old we all probably have a drink in hand while whatever Friday night activities we're engaged in. (gasp! a good Christian girl like you? ...uh, yeah. I'm a Christian, not Amish.)

My current favorite summer drinks...

To Make -

Step 1) Crush fresh basil & put in a strainer. As much as you want, fill 'er up!

Step 2) Add 2 parts gin, 1 part lime juice, & 1 part simple syrup

 Step 3) Pour over ice, enjoy with friends, & talk politics

To make -

...hell if I know...
Bloody Marys are a bit tougher, I recommend just going out.
Strangely the last step is the same... enjoy with friends.

So what summer drinks are you loving? I always love finding new ones to try!


  1. My new fave: Dark & Stormy Gin, Gin ginger beer, and lime. Sooo good!

    Also, sangria is always a go-to

  2. Sigh, this is the first post of yours I have had to disagree with a few of your likes...I for some reason, hate drinking from Mason jars, and I have never liked Bloody Marys. But my new favorite summer drink is MonkeyBoy from East End Brewery. Yum. Not as fancy as yours, but I could never be as fancy as you!

  3. That has to be the funniest thing I've read all day..."I'm Christian, not Amish". Classic! Didn't Jesus hand out wine?

    Anyway, I'm a fruity booze drinker. OK, that doesn't quite sound right on many levels. What I mean is, I can't do veggies and alcohol. I need sweet fruity goodness to mask the taste. So if I ever come to Pittsburgh you'll take me out drinking?

  4. Yum! I can't wait to try that gimlet. My neighbor has a few lemon basil plants that might be good in there too.

    Also, I love a good mojito on a summer day!


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