Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Case of Fire

Sometimes as bloggers we all have moments where we read something adorable and say "aw I really like that... I'm totally gonna steal it!" And that's exactly what happened reading Amanda's blog today. But it's ok, I told her I'm hijacking her post like the brazen blogger than I am.

Her post was all about "If I had to suddenly leave because of a fire (because that was actually a possibility for her at the time... yikes!) what would I save?" Not being at risk of burning takes away a bit of the drama, but it's still good food for thought. Stuff can be replaced, but what would I be devastated to lose?

#1) This little lady would be the first thing I stuff under an arm, no question.

#2) My photo albums. I might be in the last generation who would list this, but until my senior year of college there was no facebook to house all these memories, so I have 21 years of my life & friendships stored the old fashioned way. I would be so heartbroken if I lost them all.

#3) Probably my computer. It's another portal where memories are housed, not to mention my portfolio & any evidence I've been a professional for a half-decade.
(source: We Heart It)

#4) Ok I know this is totally replaceable, but while I'm already throwing readily available thing in a backpack I'd probably toss in my box set of Sex & The City as well. Don't judge me...


  1. I'd totally eat that keyboard. Haha! Seriously, though - that'd be bad news for me ;)


    New to blogging - found your site from Vicki's :)

  2. Love it! I almost listed my computer too. It has a lot of info I'd be bummed to lose. Good call on the DVDs. You need something to do while you wait for insurance money to come in :)


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