Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 50 + A Giveaway!

50 flashbacks & going strong... I think it's time to celebrate, my friends.

Flashback Friday was literally my first ever blog post, almost all my good bloggie friends were met as a result, by some crazy twist of fate it's now my baby, & now we've got a golden anniversary to celebrate! Oh life is good in the world of retro & polaroids.

So let's celebrate with 2 of my favorite things in the whole world...
  1. Friends
  2. Chins

If you haven't known me long perhaps you don't know about my affinity for scrunched up chin pics that make every person look the most hideous they've ever been... but I do, I just love them! haha They have their own category on my sidebar for cryin' out loud! And I've saved these extra special chins for just such an occasion, taken backstage from the last mystery dinner theater for additional ridiculousness.


And here's the part where I get to celebrate YOU: the most lovely friends & readers & reader-friends the blogosphere has ever known. (I'm a bit biased perhaps) I honor of 50 flashbacks I'm giving away a $20 giftcard for Amazon... who doesn't love to get their book-nerd on? I know I do.

I'll give you 3 ways to enter:
1 entry for linking up with a flashback of your own
1 entry for being a follower of Heya, Sparky! (leave me a comment to say so)
3 WHOPPING ENTRIES for anyone who includes a chin face in their blog! I would die of happiness, so I weighted the entries to make it worth your while. Leave a comment to make sure I don't miss it.

I'll draw a winner by Monday morning. Good luck!

Here we go again....
  1. Share a flashback of your own. Dig through old photos & tell us a little story of days gone by. Click the little blue "Add Your Link" button below to link up.
  2. Grab a button & add it to your post to let others know where the party's at.
  3. Click click click... Stop by others' blogs who are linked up & leave them a little comment love. You'll be happy you did.


  1. Hey. So.... those chin pics are TERRIBLE. And by terrible I mean terribly awesome. By coincidence, my flashback features my brother in some horribly terrible pictures, so I hope you enjoy! [There's one in there that *might* count as a chin pic because it's god awful, but counting it or not is up to you :)] Also, I'm a follower. At least, I should be a follower officially. Am I? Now I'm not sure...

  2. OK, so I linked up, and I follow, and every picture of me on my blog seems to be of the chin variety; may I have like 200 chances to win? Thanks, you're a peach!

  3. You never cease to crack me up :) I, of course, am a follower, though I today neither have a Flashback (sorry, I need to dig through my box of pics) nor a chin pic. Not sure you will ever see one of those of me because...yeah...not sure the world is prepared for that!

  4. This is hilarious!! I'm a follower and linked up of course. I will be making a special chin post just for you later today hahah!

  5. Ah, I have no chin pics, but lots of sweaty awful running pics. That's pretty much the extent of my pics, actually. :) But of course, I am a follower of HS!

  6. I linked up!

  7. I follow you also! :)


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