Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Send-Off

Why are the best parties always correlated with people leaving? I'd much rather return to the era of just-because block parties, because there is always this moment of "This is a great party, we should do it again sometime.... oh wait, you won't be here".

But I'll try not to let that tarnish the otherwise best party of 2011 thus far. Lots of friends, the most sophisticated taco bar I've seen, live music, s'mores, games, & an overwhelming abundance of Klondike bars. It takes the sting out of the Muellers being all the way in Iowa, & gave me a chance to spend quality time with the Dugans & Keoghs who will also be leaving (but only for a summer).

So farewell my friends. And for those of you staying in Burgh, I've got a 6.5-person gap in my life that needs to be filled with camping, swimming, iced lattes, fireflies, &movies in the park. Who's in?


  1. Hey yo, I'm up for any of those things, plus bike riding! The movies in the park line-up looks great...

  2. Uh, have you seen the commercials for the new Klondike bars with MINT ice cream? Maybe you're not a mint fan, but as for me, this is basically what I've waited for my entire life. Also, 6.5-person gap?


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