Monday, June 6, 2011

Mexico - Part 2

So now that you know the basics of what we did on my little trip across the border, I'd like to elaborate on all I've learned. Liz started this little tradition of writing down the day's life-lessons (things like: The "Friday" song will annoy even people who don't know English), so I thought that'd be a cute way to share more of my trip.

10 things I learned in Mexico...

#1) Water-balloons cross barriers better than an English-Spanish dictionary

#2) I'm stronger that I think I am

#3) Yoga can save you from a world of pain

#4) If you work hard enough, a ham sandwich can be the best meal of your life

#5) City folk are easily amused

#6) The "lazy Mexican" sterotype is straight up bulls#!t. my friends rip down a building with their bare hands...

#7) Man's-work is a myth

#8) How to count to 3 in Tzeltal
Un, Chep, O'Chep

#9) Mexico is built for people this tall...                 ...not that tall

#10) The man of my dreams is less than 5' tall


  1. much cute-ness oozing from this post I can't stand it! I'm so happy I know such an awesome lady:) You look just glowing!

  2. Number 7 and 9 are hilarious! Great pictures all around.

  3. o'chep! I hope to go with you next summer!

  4. I really like this post. :) Glad you keep going back!


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