Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mexico - Part 1

Hola, amigos! I've returned from my Mexican excursion in one piece & in good health. I had such a lovely time, I don't even know how to go about putting it into words. Maybe fewer words are actually better, so if you'll allow me I'm about to bog down your computers for the next 3 days & show off where I've been...


This is Matzam... it's a place that Google Maps has never heard of but I know it like the back of my hand. My friends live there & sometimes they let us share our lives together there. It's simple & remote & hidden away... & it's a second home to me.

Years ago we started helping them to build a church... they've outgrown theirs. In the SouthSide most of the church building have been turned into something else because the church had died, here they walk for miles through the mountains & overflow their building.

We literally dug the foundation & built the alter, but this time around out job was demolition.

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

We also taught Bible School to the kids of the church. Warning: viewing of the following photos will make your uterus skip a beat. (Unless you're a man & clearly uterus-free... in which case you might grow one)

So can you see why I love it so much? I'll tell you more stories tomorrow & just leave you with sweet dreams of these darling little faces. Beunas Noches!


  1. You're back! And how cute are those kids?! Glad you had fun and came back safe.

  2. YEAH FOR YOU!! What an amazing experience! You look so healthy and happy! I'm proud of you:) Not many people would do something so self-less. You are pretty much the most awesome person I know!
    ps- Thanks for the vlog comment! haha!
    pps- I WILL decorate your wedding. I WILL find you a man. I WILL I WILL!! Promise! xoxoxo

  3. holy crap! Look at those walls! It's amazing to see what can happen over the course of a few years...

    I wonder if once they finish that project they find that they have outgrown THAT building and need to build an even BIGGER one?? o.o

    Thanks for posting about your trip, good to hear about the Matzam peoples.


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