Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Embroidered Gifts

Well like I told you yesterday, my weekend trip to my parents' house was filled with certain events other than trips to farmers markets & Amish recipes like usual.  But it did afford me the opportunity to stock up on ammo for more Flashback Fridays (sorry for not putting those photos back in their frame, Mom...) AND I got the chance to snap a photo of the present I made for Christmas but totally forgot to document before wrapping. Rookie mistake.

This was in the midst of my hoop art madness & I wanted to give my Momma a little piece of what I'd been working on. It's the closest thing to "artistic" I've ever done & was feeling really proud of my embroidery skills. So mom got 2 little gifts that represent me & my brother & it was nice to see them proudly displayed on the family photo wall. (the text might be a little hard to read from the photo but they both say "wish you were here" & have a heart worked into the design)


San Antonio (brother's home)

It gives me the itch to really get my craft corner set up & start creating again. (Notice I've moved up from a bin to a corner in my bigger apartment. haha) Once the craft-bug hits it's only a matter of time until I whip up other projects to share with you. Brace yourselves...


  1. Love them! (especially the Pittsburgh one of course)

  2. Those are cute! I totally know what you mean about a craft bug :) It's bit me too!


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