Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hoop Art

About a month ago I let you all in on the scoop about how Sam & I were busy little bees getting ready to sell some crafts at a fair trade/handmade market at our church. It's the first time I'd ever made anything for SALE & I was filled with nerves & doubts leading up to it.
What if we couldn't get it done in time?
What if no one likes them?
What if they're the worst items there?
What if they're completely not cost effective?
What if they don't turn out like I imagined?

Thankfully those what-ifs didn't come true. We finished most of them much quicker than expected & took our good ol' time with the rest. In hindsight we could have probably produced double what we did.

Also, they didn't suck. THANK GRILLED CHEESUS! They actually turned out just like I pictured in my head. And it was a real, honest team effort. I had an idea of mostly what I wanted to see but not the drawing ability needed to make it happen, Sam totally took everything I told her & made them into patterns. Then we both stitched them into reality.

(Yep, still taking crappy phone pictures. Need a new camera, Santa)

Here's the amazing part... they sold out the first week! (wha....?) I was so worried that no one would want them, but I actually got 4 orders from people who wanted one that already sold!

It kind of makes you wonder... I've been making crafts for gifts, but maybe I actually could be a successful seller as well? Especially with a talented partner like Sam. I'm not ready to say "Etsy here I come" just yet, but I might start to crunch some numbers & see if there's a way to make a decent profit off this kind of idea. (that practical business-minded me side isn't as easily convinced as the side that wants to stay home & drink tea & embroider all day. THAT girl is ready to go!)

So for any of you crafty types who have made that leap into opening up your products for sale, I'd appreciate any feedback, stories, best-practices, or cautions you have to offer.


  1. Girlfriend. I almost fainted at the cute-ness and I WANT the ruffled one!! Like reeealllly want it!! And the birdie one for my best friend AND the flower one for me again. Hell...I want them ALL! See, you have one customer right here!!
    Do not be afraid! Just open an etsy shop! Even if it's just a few items for sale, you have your blog to promote it! AND other bloggers (like me...AHEM) who would be thrilled to host give-aways on their blogs to help get your name out there.
    Just like Christina said many years ago when an interviewer asked her if she felt intimidated about being compared to Britney Spears, "There's room for all of us."

    Do it. Now. Please.

  2. these are so adorable!! the little girl with the balloons would be so perfect in a nursery! (in fact you could make a lot that would be ideal next to a tiny changing table). Can I put in a pre-order for a coffee or tea themed one for my kitchen? I love these!! LOVE them!
    it's my opinion that while you may not dress or look the "artsy" part - you are just as talented as anyone on etsy! ~ Emma

  3. These are so amazing!!! Can you teach me how to make these?!

  4. OMG. CAYOOT!!!! Where have you been hiding all this crafty talent? I'm totally crushing on the first one :)

  5. You should totally start selling your stuff. I told you the day you gave me that sweet headband. My suggestion is before you sign up for etsy or anything, make an inventory - start making so many of each item you would like to sell. That way, when you sign up, you have a few things to choose from and the ability to show more of your work.

  6. Let's go into business!!(says my crafty artisty side)
    Buuttt...does it have to be etsy?! Can we really do this? (my practical not so fun side)

  7. Just saw your comment over at Kyla Roma----your stuff is adorable!!! Cute blog you have here, I'll be back :) ~Sara


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