Monday, June 20, 2011

Remembering a Friend

This weekend I took a last-minute trip across the state to my parents' house. Normally I'd come home with a camera full of photos from farmers markets & other small town delights I don't get to see often as a city girl... but the truth is I spent most of this visit at a funeral so there's not much along the way of fun stories to tell from my little road trip.

Ok so I know about half of you are about to redirect your mouse to your inbox & send me a barrage of questions and/or condolences *ahem, you know who you are if you thought about it... & I love you for it, make no mistake* I am just fine, don't worry. It was for a friend who was 95... at that point you celebrate an amazing life rather than mourn.

Barbara was & her husband Keith who passed about 5 years earlier were like an extra set of Grandparents to me. They were both the sweetest people, funny & full of life, WWII vets with lots of stories, & an example of what a great marriage looks like right up to the end. And Barbara never once missed a birthday, that card showed up with a $5 bill like clockwork up to & including my 27th this past March. I really wish I had a copy of their military photos from the 40's... she was a nurse, he was a pilot... you'd fall in love instantly if I showed you how beautiful they both were.

I'll be missing Barbara for sure, but I'm just happy she & Keith are together again. And I'm happy to have had them both in my life.

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  1. it's beautiful to have people like Barbara and Keith that touch your life. You are never happy to see them go, but there is some peace in seeing them rest after such a long, full life. My sister lost her FIL yesterday and we are all still in shock. While not "young" per se, he certainly went much earlier than anyone would have even expected and suddenly, so it's just one of those moments where you become thankful for the time on earth you have!


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