Thursday, April 14, 2011

The World's Hardest Games

(source: WeHeartIt)

This has been my last week EVER as a teacher. Wooo! So what am I using my fleeting time for? Instilling life lessons to guide young minds?  


We're playing games. When I'm gone they'll get split up into other classes anyway, so I haven't taught a real lesson all week. Strangely (or maybe not so strangely) my little hellions act like perfect angels when there's no work to be done. So even though they're enjoying this way more than vocab lessons or research papers, I'm enjoying their attitude way more too. It's a win-win.

For my 12th graders we had the most grueling 4-day game of Monoply you've ever seen. Deals were made, hearts were broken, smack-talk was had, & in the end I bankrupted EVERY ONE OF THEM. (insert evil laugh here) And it felt GOOD. You don't mess with Miss Wolcott.

(true story: At one point I landed on free-parking which was stacked with money by that point in the game. I was so excited & my students were so angry that I ended up throwing the bills in the air & yelling "Woooo! Make it rain! What now?!")

For my 9th graders they were just given free periods, but we all ended up with a severe addiction to "The World's Hardest Game". That's literally it's name & I swear it's true. I cannot get past level 1 yet. It may not look like much but proceed with caution, I don't want to be responsible when you're sleep-deprived & unemployed because you can't take your eyes off the screen. But let me know how far you get, seriously. The best I've seen so far is level 12.


  1. Well, I gave up on level 6 because it was making me cross eyed. Took me probably a half hour, and I had about a hundred deaths. So yeah. That game is hard!

  2. Have you, if fact, intoduced me to something more compelling and addictive than Angry Birds? We'll see! I hate Monopoly if only for the sheer fact that I always lose. Obviously I'm not much of a wheeler and dealer!

    An yeah, I was that blond. Actually, when I was younger than that, I was blonder! My husband claims I still have bouts of residual blondness and I have the out of being a once upon a time blond :)

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