Friday, April 15, 2011

Funnyface Friday

Funnyface Friday? I don't know, I'm feeling like a goofball today. This will not likely be a regular Friday theme, I like flashing back too much. Maybe it's butterflies from the Murder Mystery I'm in tonight, maybe it's because my kids brought me cookies at 8am, but I just want to push a bit of silliness your way. As if "the worlds hardest game" yesterday wasn't enough.

FunnyFace #1-
Alternate Title: How NOT to take jumping photos
(this is my first try uploading a gif
if it doesn't move, click on it)

As it turns out it's way harder than it looks to get a jumping shot at just the right time. But my mind works in probably a similar way as many of you bloggers that as soon as I've got news to share, I get an imagine in mind that I MUST have. So if at first you don't succeed, try try try try try again.

FunnyFace #2-
Alternate Title: Channeling Delta Burke.

That gigantic head of hair is the aftermath of our dress rehearsal for the Murder Mystery. Strangely it looks about the same height as when I had it pinned up. My goal was to look was to look like I belonged on the set of Dynasty or Designing Women. I think mission accomplished.

So those are my funny faces for today. Have any you'd like to share with me?

Happy Friday!


  1. Couple things...

    1. the next time I visit...we're doing the jumping photos...I wanna try!!!

    2. I first scrolled down your page to see the pics you posted from yesterdays blog (I read it on my phone = no pics) and I scrolled by you as Delta Burke...and I thought I saw myself.

    3. If I indeed thought I saw me, that means several things:
    a. you think I have big hair and would belong on Designing Women - which I'm not sure how to take...since I am an Interior Designer...but not from that era?
    c. you reaffirmed my thoughts that I need to cut my hair short again.
    d. I don't have a 'd', but felt I needed more than 3 bullet points here.

  2. I thought it was Fleegal at first glance too...that's hilarious!

  3. you looked beautiful at the mystery dinner - bouffant and all

    Neil's mom said, "is that the same dress she wore at your wedding. she is very pretty." So you are turning heads and making people take notice (even if the people are women in their fifties)

  4. You look like a superhero trying to take off on the jumping photos :) lol
    Very funny!


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