Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Suprise Luncheon

Today, just about a minute before I grabbed my purse to head out to lunch, I got a phone call asking me to report to Pupil Services. Ugh, couldn't this wait til I got back? Apparently not...

It was my surprise farewell luncheon. :) And these folks know how to do it RIGHT. 5 crockpots, a veggie pizza, cake pops, more cake + ice cream, & my ultimate guilty pleasure... Mt. Dew. Now excuse me while I take a sugar-coma under my desk.


  1. I'M HUNGRY...

    and what the hell is a cake pop...and how do I get my hands on some?!

    Very Sweet of them! :)

  2. The first thing to come to my mind? "mmmm cake pops" :) I'm just glad they gave you a proper goodbye! Mmmmm...sugar coma


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