Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 44

I started the week with a video, maybe it's only right that I end it with one. Plus this being me LAST DAY at the old job, I spent a lot of time transferring files that had accumulated & I came across this little treasure from a few years ago. Apparently this is what happens when  your game night goes too late into the wee hours, you start doing strange things. Like trying to pick up a cereal box with your mouth.

Some call it "Pterodactyl" but in this specific instance the game was appropriately named "Go. Lean. Crunch."


  1. Methinks you and your friends had a little too much time on your hands :) Your new door is wide's to new starts to new things!! YAY

  2. Oh don't worry, pterodactyl has different the fact that only one foot can be touching the ground. I continue to be sorry I missed this event live. Hilarious!

  3. Oh my goodness! Your videos are insane. Love it :)


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