Monday, April 18, 2011

Vlogging & Karaoke

I've got a change of pace for you today. Check out these 2 short clips I made for all you lovelies.

And as promised, here's my karaoke performance. Also known as final evidence that I have no shame. haha My timing got a little thrown off at the ending, & I seriously can't sing, but you'll see all this for yourself in just a moment.

Happy Monday!


  1. Love this! I laughed so hard! Good job!

  2. I haven't had time to watch the karaoke video look FABULOUS in your VLOG!

  3. what good times! we all behaved ourselves nicely too! hahaha

  4. this. is. amazing.

    i want to take you around a karaoke circuit and tell everyone in the clubs that I'm friends with you! we could even hit up D.C. and have you promote USA/Germany relations in front of the White House

    p.s. you look beautiful in your vlog
    p.p.s. by vlog i mean 'video blog' not a new name for girl parts

  5. OH!!! You are so funny and charming and pretty and adorable and cute and just as lovely as I imagined!! I kind of want to marry you! Is that weird? lol. I loved every second of everything!!! Please move here. We need to be neighbors.

  6. I think I forgot to mention that you sounded nothing like I thought. Which isn't bad, so don't worry :) Umm...not that I would you would sound bad. Crap. This isn't going well.

  7. *thought you would. Crap again.


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