Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 42

One of my most favorite blogs you've heard me rant about before is What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? which is 100% dedicated to Glee's Emma Pillsbury fashion. I'm an addict. I want to BE Emma & I pretty much love everything she's ever worn. Well lately they've been doing a feature where "if you like this: ___, then you'll probably like these items too: ____". So that's the inspiration for this flashback.

If you like this sailboat cardigan of Emma's....

Then you'll love this sailboat outfit of mine...

See? I'm like the original Emma Pillsbury before her character was even created! Score 1 for Lauren.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! IT WAS MEANT TO BE! I bet you even had a sailboat for in the bath! :) Cutie Patootie with the best dimples ever from age zero!

  2. Ah! That's so cute. And what are you reaching for? I can't tell. Whatever it is, you've got your eye on it :)

  3. ahhhh!! so cute! can Evelyn borrow that??

    (I totally don't watch glee, but sometimes I feel like I'd fit in with half the population of the world more if I did, haha)


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