Monday, March 14, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some

You win some, you lose some.
A recap of how I spent my birthday weekend...

WIN - Embracing your age
In fact I ended up embracing a few extra years too. I accept that 30 is only a few years away & said why not just celebrate it now? So a win for my faux 30th birthday, complete with the episode of Friends when they all turn 30 & my own solo to Jay-Z's "30-something"

WIN - My favorite restaurant
They don't even have Isaac's in Pittsburgh so as soon as I saw the sign I started drooling, I had my high school graduation dinner here, I love it THAT much. It was like a trip down memory lane for my taste buds.

WIN - Baking all day with your girlfriends
When you're with your BFFs you could be happy doing anything. We ran errands, drank outside mid day, baked something spectacular, watched TV... & we had the best time doing everyday things.

LOSS - Making bets after a few beers
I won't tell you the details... let's just say it involved a running start, a sore bum, & enough momentum to lose a shoe. A win for having such amazingly reflective shoes though.

WIN - A slice of heaven
Chocolate & Guiness cake. A layer of Amaretto cream. A layer of blackberry jam & marshmallow fluff. Buttercream icing. Are you drooling yet? I'll try to round up the recipes for you because this was possibly the best cake of my life. And we made it ourselves!

LOSS - Store bought dough
You'd think with all our baking escapades we could handle some additional pizza dough. Instead we opted for the cheap store bought one in hopes of making a specialty shape pizza. But the dough wouldn't even roll out. Total fail.

WIN - Delivered pizza
Instead of our pizza disaster we ended up with a ranch, beef, onion & fries topped pizza. We really should have just ordered that from the start.

 LOSS - Not being able to make the weekend last forever


  1. Chocolate & Guiness cake. A layer of Amaretto cream. A layer of blackberry jam & marshmallow fluff. Buttercream icing. OMG this sounds so friggin amazing!!! Sorry to miss your bday in az but know I love and am so freaking blessed by your existence!!!

  2. ps--does posting that after 2.5 glasses of wine make it a drunk post?

  3. BEST POST!!! I'll email you the recipes ASAP!!!

    The last loss is so sad! :(

    It'll last forever in my heart!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!! Remember, it's better to be over the hill.......than under it! hahahaha

    and...something not mentioned...Tosh - decapitating a child.

  4. Killing me with all the cake! KILLING ME!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I always want to make fun times last. But it sounds like you made the best of it! Glad you had fun :)

  6. You can feel free to come down to Texas in October and help me not be depressed over turning 40 (30....BAH!) Bring some of that cake!


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