Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photo Challenge

Let me start by saying.... I'm not a photographer. Nor do I think this photo is anything special, it was taken on a crappy cellphone. But I am a joiner so I decided to play along with a photo challenge that a bunch of friends are a part of. And before we have a resurgence of what happened the last time I entered Natalie in a contest, let me also note that pets were specifically invited to be a part of the baby contest. Deal with it haters, my furry baby is legit.

The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge:
Simple Beauty

Doesn't my little pup-face angel look so sweet cuddling her babydoll? It's all an illusion of course. A minute later she actually shred the thing to bits. But for one brief moment she was such a sweetie that I had to capture it.

Here's the moment following....
Carnage. The look of satisfaction at the end is my favorite.

The Paper Mama


  1. AH!!! I loooove it so much! What a sweetie pie. And YEAH for you for joining in! I am curious to hear about this jerky crew that shunned you from entering your pooch in a photo contest. ANYONE who has pets knows they are loved exactly like children are! Sheesh!

  2. Neil and I made the critical mistake of spending yesterday watching "pet adoptions" on OnDemand. Now we are looking for apartment renter loopholes so we can have a puppy now! Would it be even more strange to enter a photo of a dog from the Humane Society website - one you don't even own but are totally in love with?


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