Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 41

Subtitle: Nerds

Ok here's the thing... I'm not used to being a nerd. I'd classify myself as one of the "cool kids" if I may say so. Is that totally shallow & narcissistic? I don't mean it in a "I'm better than nerds" way because in some ways I am WAY nerdy too... just not in your typical dungeons & dragons kind of way. More like the squeel-over-vintage-pyrex kind of way. Or the know-way-too-much-celebrity-gossip kind of way. Which I know doesn't make me cool, I'm just going to move on before I put my foot in my mouth any more.

My brother on the other hand (& it's ok to say this because he'd totally agree) is a nerd. Which is why he'll make way more money than I ever will & could defend himself in a sword fight... both equally important qualities. He's the computer genius who sometimes forgets to talk English to me when discussing programming, he's the guy who read all the Tolkien books way before they were movies, & he's the guy who actually owns a kilt for the Renaissance Fair.

Busted. Ok fine, this is one GIGANTIC piece of nerdiness I have to own up to. I love the Renaissance Fair too. And it's all Sean's fault! I went once in high school expecting to scoff at the whole thing & hate it... but we had a total blast! And, as you can see, I did eventually cave on the costuming too by the time I was in college. *sigh* It's my secret shame. The mocking may now commence.


  1. I FREAKING LOVE IT TOOO!!!!! There's something about a turkey leg that tastes way too much like ham, and homemade candles, and watching a human chess game, and bowing to the "queen" that's so exciting and fun! :)

    go together sometime?

  2. I have been DYING to take Sophie to that exact festival we have here. I think it sounds fun! I want to gnaw on a leg of meat and drink beer out of a big frosty mug while wearing a cute boobie top like yours! Yeah for you!

  3. OK, let's see, by all above definitions I AM a nerd, though I like to think myself more of a geek than a nerd...cause there's a difference...yeaaahh. I haven't been to a renaissance fair though...yet :)

    Tim and Eric's got nothing on this. Unless of course, they made an episode about it.


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