Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lost in Computer Land

(source: We Heart It)

I feel like I've been spending an unusual amount of time staring into the wonderland of my computer screen lately. But there are just to many things to explore & read, I can't help it!  Exhibit A- that photo I just used 10 seconds ago! Tell me if that isn't the cutest little office you've ever seen?! And there's more... oh so much more...

This 'missed connection' my friend sent me. Not only is it hilarious, but he send it to me because he says it sounds like my writing. And it does! I swear if I lived in Seattle & had any sense of smell, I'd think it was a journal after a bout of amnesia.

This blog from my friend Jen. It cracks me up, all about mind games you play while running to make it through. Read about her epic race to be faster than rush hour traffic.

This design I did for my friend is launched as phase 1. We'll update it later with an interactive map to view her photos by state, that'll be phase 2. Seriously check her out though, her photographs are incredible.Click on the children category if you want your heart to melt right out of your chest.

This blog from another lady who's calling for a hat revival! Go girl! Also you'll probably become instantly addicted, she takes thrift store finds & turns them things you'd actually want to wear. Love it.

This post is a few weeks old, but I was so excited that Kyla showed off the post card I sent her! It's geeky & silly to be so pumped, but deal with it because I am. Obviously I'm the Pittsburgh post card... as if you didn't already know.

So what are you kids loving out there in computer land today? I'd really love to see...


  1. I'm LOVING that little craft area you featured! HELLO!! I almost fainted....its just beautiful!

  2. That design you did is awesome. I'm now crying in my seat because I want a little closet office like that...WAH! Sadly, other than my daily blog reading, all of my dalliances in Computerland have to do with our month end close at work...boooooo


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