Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The "Be Better" Plan

It's lent. And that means people everywhere are posting facebook statuses about giving up chocolate & pretending that fish isn't a meat. 2 years in a row I've given up alcohol for lent, which was really refreshing the first time around but not really a challenge anymore. Time for a new lent plan.

As I was thinking over all the things I could give up or add on, I kept coming back to one thought: I just want to be better.

Winter's been a tough one. It shows in my attitude, in my energy level, in my waistline, & in my snarky comments. But I know myself well enough to know that I function best when I'm healthy & on top of my game. Lent is about spiritual sacrifice & discipline which leads to growth, but I feel like amping up my everyday discipline will put me in a better place for that too. I'm not adding on additional goals, I'm just trying to meet the ones I should already be following but tend to slack on. Healthier mind & healthier body so I can have a healthier spirit.


  1. I love this! Please call me if you want to meet up for yoga or running (i need a motivator). I'd also love to do dinners together because my similar "be better" plan is to eat zero processed foods. Its starting to look more the typical lent "give something up" though - there's a lot of even 'healthy' foods that are off limits. ~emma

  2. 1) I'm all for runs and have discovered some more-fun-than-crunches ab exercises.
    2) Emma-way to go on zero processed-foods!!! I've cut them out of my diet nearly entirely!

  3. i really like that graphic organizer! i love myself some visuals

  4. I hope the info I gave you yesterday assists in you endeavors! :)


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