Monday, March 28, 2011

A Humble Request

I must have started typing, deleting everything & retyping at least 5 times so far. It's possibly the most uncomfortable I've ever felt writing a blog because this is something that comes so unnaturally to me. Maybe I should just cut right to the chase... I want to ask my friends, family, & maybe even anonymous blog lurkers to consider sponsoring my upcoming mission trip to Chiapas, Mexico.

I'm so beyond excited to return for my 3rd trip to Chiapas, it feels a little like coming home again. Every time I've thought to myself "Lauren, you work for a non-profit, you can't afford this" but I believe so strongly in the relationship we've built & the work that's being done that I decide to rely that somehow the funds will be provided. And so far I haven't been let down. Sometimes the money comes from totally unexpected places, but other times I think God provides by having people in your life who are able to give a little. Isn't that how it always goes for anything worth while... you give a little, I give a little, & somehow it's always enough?

So although I feel totally timid about this, I'm posting a button to my paypal account to accept donations. My biggest fear isn't that no one will give... if that happens it happens... my biggest fear is that I'll get an eye roll that says "C'mon Lauren, I gave to this trip 3 years ago, aren't you DONE there already?" But the truth is that it's never done which is exactly why it's so valuable. Which do you think changes the world more... 1) A one week trip to life buckets of concrete or 2) An ongoing relationship between 2 communities that continually pray for eachother, get to know eachother's needs & are able to address those needs in ways that would never be possible in 7 days?

To me the answer is clear. So please think of this less as me begging for donations, & instead please think of it as an invitation. I'd really like you to be a part of this mission too. Not all of us can do construction work or get the time off or stomach a bit of Montezuma's revenge (it happens). But this is way you can participate in the exact same work in a way that is every bit as important.

To learn more about what we're doing you can read...
This previous post about our trips
This page on my church's website
(scroll to the bottom & you'll get to see my goofy friends singing songs for some kids too. haha)
This Flashback Friday with some thoughts

You can make a donation to my PayPal here.
Any size donation is HUGELY appreciated, whether $100 or $1.
And if you want a charitable contribution receipt, just leave me a comment about that.

You can also mail checks directly to my church
(again, just attach a little note about charitable contribution receipts)

Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community
2700 Jane Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
memo: Lauren Wolcott Mexico

I'm going to go out on a limb & just say thank you in advance... THANK YOU. And I hope I've fully expressed just how much I appreciate anything you're able to give.

much love,

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