Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost Moving Day

(source: We Heart It)

I like to give you guys a warning when I know I'll be m.i.a. for a little while. I'm not sure how often I'll get to the computer in the next few days because I'm moving apartments. Who knows, maybe I'll need blogging/procrastination breaks? But moving day is officially Thursday & I haven't done a whole lot yet. Yikes!

Thankfully my parents are coming in town to help me out, which is sweet. And of course I'll have my friends on hand too. I'm so excited for my new place! Not that my little studio wasn't darling, but this will be an upgrade for sure. And added bonus: it's not on the top of a mountain. haha Double added bonus: the previous tenants had my perfect wall colors already! Nice.

So I'll see you next week when I'm all settled in. And if you miss me in the meantime, maybe think about donating to my mission trip....? I added a donate button to the top right corner. Just think about it. And THANK YOU to those who already have! Expect proper thanks on its way.

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  1. We're going to be neighbors so soon--I mean we kinda are right now, but it helps if I'm actually residing in my apartment across the street.

    But know instead of borrowing sugar, i'll be asking for help with my blog and making you go on a run with me.


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