Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PreGame Burritos

Things that have been keeping Lauren super busy: Part 2

I'm still studying my 99 Luftballons so hopefully this doesn't come out in German. haha Forgive me if it does. Anyway, similarly to my last post I spent another day feeding lots & lots of people on Sunday. About 70 to be exact. It's our church's tradition to have PreGame Burritos for a Super Bowl party to fundraise for our trip to Mexico. It's kind of "my thing" but I had lots of help pulling it off, & we made a few Bejamins in the process. Plus they were super tasty, even if the ending to the evening left something to be desired. (like a 7th ring... I'm over it, the Shiva really helped) So within 1 week I did the cooking equivalent of 6 months for myself. I have no shame that for an upcoming dinner I only volunteered rolls. This girl's enjoying a break from the kitchen!

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