Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Designs

The 3rd & final post in my series called "Why Lauren has been so incredibly super-busy & losing her mind". Ok it's not a real series as much as me proving I didn't desert you for no reason last week.

I'm trying my hand at some blog design work. Just for two friends.

There are nowhere near finished, & clearly just mock ups as you can tell by my "This is text" post. haha But I'm pretty happy with them for a start. Maybe when they're all finished up I'm show you guys the final project. Luckily this week has been much less hectic, but I still have yet to spend an evening at home with my pup. It might be time for a weekend of absolute nothing!

For Jen
She wanted Victorian, purple, & birds
This is what we've got so far
(click for larger)

For Laura
She wanted turquoise & coral, cute, & graphic
It will be used as her photography page


  1. I had NO idea you were so talented!!! Thats so awesome!! Now I have a friend for blog help since I'm SO lost!!

  2. I love those designs! See, I made the mistake of uber customizing mine. I'm bored of it, but am too lazy to make all the HTML changes to update it. I could just use a stock Blogger template but then I'd have to rearrange it to fit all the weird things I did. ARGH!

  3. I really like the second one... it reminds me of the titling of some movie I can't put my finger on....


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