Monday, February 7, 2011

Class Field Trip

Alternate Title:
Things that have been keeping Lauren so super busy - Part 1

Sometimes I love to keep my life in compartments. Work is work, friends are friends, & ne'er the two shall meet. Until you decide to bring your class of teenagers to your second home on a fieldtrip. haha 

It all makes perfect sense, they're studying careers in hospitality & I just happen to have access to a commercial kitchen with like 80 people to feed. (you can read background on The Table in this post) So they got to cook up 3 gigantic lasagnas, lots of garlic bread, & bake a huge pan of brownies... & get the feel of what a real kitchen is like.

I was all nerves leading up to this. Could they pull it off? Would they hate it? Would they totally embarrass me? What if they drop a lasagna? What if they scald eachother with boiling water? What if they totally slack off? What if someone's mean?

As usual, my worry is for nothing. They did an AWESOME job. I was totally proud of them. And weren't they so adorable in the process?!

FYI- My kids aren't on the lam & nor do they just like to wear their sunglasses at night. But there are some ethical issues with photos of students, so no faces... & I thought giant sunglasses were a lot cuter than scrambled faces or censor bars.

And a VERY big thank-you to Jen & Dylan for helping out. Those are some serious friends who would WILLINGLY endure 7 strange stranger teens with knives & boiling liquids just to help you out. Everyone should have a Jen & a Dylan in their life. Seriously.


  1. It looks like you had a blast!! And...BRILLIANT on the sunglasses!

  2. I wish I would have had a teacher as cool as you in highschool!

  3. Looks like a fun class! :)

    I was just stopping by from Indie Business 3.0 - I saw your comment on the first post there saying you were from Pittsburgh. I'm just a few miles north in Erie! :)

  4. hi there! i am visiting from indie biz and wanted to say hi! i am looking forward to getting to know you:)


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