Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Phil...

Dear Phil,
Tomorrow's the big day... as big as it gets for a groundhog anyway. I hope you're resting up & preparing for all your fans.

I just wanted to have a little chat before tomorrow. About this whole shadow thing & 6 more weeks of winter. What if this year we were a little more optimistic? Just think about it, wouldn't an early spring be such a nice surprise for everyone? 

I understand the stress that Groundhog's Day puts on you & how easily that stress could transfer into fear when you see that shadow. So I'm suggesting you have a soothing cup of tea, snuggle up with a movie (that Bill Murray one has always been a favorite even if he DOES totally upstage you), & get an early bedtime. Then if tomorrow morning you happen to see a little shadow... which of course you will, there are so many cameras & lights everywhere to document your every move... you'll be in a peaceful state of mind & won't run away scared. Good luck tomorrow!

much love,

p.s. I'm not sure how far stretching your weather predictions reach... but if you have like a cousin groundhog in the south, could you mention that Alyssa & my brother would both like a little snow in TX.?


  1. YES! Some people here in TX got some today. I might have some on Friday if Phil is feeling kind!

    Hope YOU get some of our springy weather and we get more of the wintery stuff!

  2. you're too freakin cute, and so is punxy phil. i'll be thinking back on the time we all went to see our fury friend. lets hope he doesn't pee on the terrible towel this time around.


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