Monday, January 31, 2011

99 Luftballons

"Do you have some time for me?
Then I'll sing a song for you
of 99 balloons
on their way to the horizon."

It's funny that lately when I talk to my friends they're often like "Ooo Are you gonna blog about that?!" haha And it happened just like that yesterday when I was telling some people how I'm learning the German lyrics to "99 Red Balloons".

Silly as it is, this is my new personal goal. Every night I spend a few minutes singing in German. Over & over again. I've got the first verse memorized & the second I can read along with the right timing. I think in a few weeks I'll be karaoke-ready with no problem! But it's not for the karaoke glory...

This is my little way of brushing up on vocabulary & grammar rules. See there's a poem, called Die Lorelei, that I memorized way back in high school. And I can remember the full translation of all the words in this really long poem. So I thought why not just memorize more? If nothing else, at least I could fully rock out at 80's night, right?

So now I'm a diligent student of Nena. And have watched the music video at least 15 times. haha It's the worst video ever, you have to check out the keyboard player & the faces he makes! Love it. So, want to sing along with me?


  1. How cool :) You need to have someone video you doing it. I haven't spoken French regularly since college but sometimes I still dream in French. Isn't that odd?

  2. You need to do a vlog of it when you get all finished! Thats so cool!

  3. you are amazing! simply amazing!! maybe I'll borrow my mom's "MOB HITS" cd collection and find some Italian gem to learn and share with... well probably just my bathroom mirror.


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