Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Fail

Well so much for my winter battle plan...

I didn't follow through, I haven't been outdoors & active, I haven't read much, & I have a full-blown case of The Februaries. It's kind of hard for me to gush about positive, feel-good nonsense like I usually do when I feel a bit like a walking zombie. And I'm angry. At everything. And everyone.

But that's just February talking.
I know I'm just going through my Seasonally Affective Disorder (whose idea was it to make seasonal depression the acronym SAD anyway? rub it in, jerk...) I need a vitamin-D infusion stat. Jen & I have taken to making the finger-talking gesture from "the shining" whenever we realize what we're saying isn't really us, it's February talking. That helps. Make the distinction that I'm not really this much of a bitch, I just need sunshine.

So part of me wants to say "Welp, don't expect any great writing from this girl anytime soon. Deal with it." & just wallow in February. The other part of me is trying to escape & be happy because I have no real reason to be sad. I guess if I'm picking sides I should go with the happy one. I guess. So I just need to find something, ANYTHING to make me happy at this point. These are a start...


  1. I hear ya. February is lame. But don't give up hope... March will be here before you know it. Then we can all start wearing shorts and showing off our super white legs ;)

  2. I can say, I'm in a Feb funk too! And these photos helped SO much. And your funny post. Hang in there! We're almost through:) xoxoxo


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