Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special Delivery

Can I get a big woot woot for finally having a camera again? Now I'm free to share all the moments that pass by with you... the important, the lovely & the utterly mundane. Like a couple little absurdities that showed up in my mailbox today & gave me a giggle.

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself! First of all, hello, you haven't seen me in a while...

Notice anything different? Anything sparkly? (ok fine, notice anything puffy & red?) I got a monroe!!! It's being difficult healing but I love it! (Thank goodness I DIDN'T have a camera last week, you've all been spared from seeing Monster Face when one side was all swollen from the piercing & the other side swollen up from a cold sore. I'm doing much better now but my smile's still a little crooked.)

Anyway, moving on. Everyone loves mail, right? It's rare these days that I walk away from the mailbox excited, but today was that day. Right off the bat I spot this little gem:

Parsonage? haha It's a credit card offer... to me & "my church" apparently. It's funny because I am ordained online, but I'm definitely not the pastor of a Calvary E.C.C. Church. I wonder if they gave me a better rate if they think I'm a church? I'm almost certain creating a fake church for financial benefit didn't make the 10 commandments so I should be good.

And in the same day I got a letter from friends Justin & Jen which almost sent me off on a rant by being addressed to Ms. Lauren Wolcott (I have a thing about Ms... it's fine if you don't know what to call someone, but when you KNOW for a fact someone is single just use Miss. It's not insulting. Actually the thought that calling someone single could be insulting, is insulting.) But I quickly got over my self righteous reverse-feminism when I found lots of quirkiness included in their little note. Stickers that are obvious left-overs & little sarcastic love notes. I would expect nothing less from them & it puts a smile on my face.

And there you have it... photo proof of stories no one else would ever care about but me, & hopefully you. Have a great night everyone! Hump day tomorrow, you can make it!


  1. You are brave! I'm way too paranoid to let needles approach my face. Very nice though :) I think you need to officially found the United Church of Lauren. You are ordained after all. You get to make your own rules...maybe even start your own traditions. Roll with it! I'd totally go to your church just as long as you don't make me drink Kool Aid :)

  2. I LOVE the Monroe! So cute! I've always wanted one, but was WAY too scared. I pierced my eyebrow instead and it got infected and I had to remove it a month later:( I didn't know you were ordained! Haha!


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