Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wouldn't That be Nice?

This story was on my newsfeed today & I just wanted to perpetuate it a bit. A homeless man gets a fresh opportunity just because some reporter liked his voice. It reminds me of "The Soloist"... except without the mental disability. That sounded odd, whatever, I think it's a nice story. And he's been sober & clean 2 years? That's so wonderful! Here's looking at you, buddy!

From USA Today:

Talk about the power of social media.

A YouTube video of a homeless Columbus, Ohio, man with a golden radio voice has gone viral over the last few days. A producer at NFL Films has contacted the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, which profiled Brooklyn native Ted Williams to try to hire him for voiceover work, says NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy. The Cleveland Cavaliers are also said to be in the hunt to hire the overnight radio sensation.

The video was filmed next to a Columbus freeway as Williams panhandled for money with a hand-written sign. In the video, he says he has a background in radio but fell on hard times due to drug and alcohol problems.

During an interview with CBS' The Early Show Wednesday, Williams said he's being compared to Internet singing sensation Susan Boyle. CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell tweeted Wednesday the University of Michigan should hire Williams to announce their final coaching decision.

"It will sound good no matter what he says!"

Here's the video that's tearing up the Internet with over 4 million hits on YouTube. Take a listen to the golden pipes that are turning Williams' life around in a hurry:

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