Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on 2011

Hello my lovelies, I've returned after a nice holiday break and am ready to tackle a new year. With 2 buddies by my side in this coffee shop I'm sitting in, I feel like I'm already off to a great start.

I debated over what exactly I wanted to share for a New Year's post...
- hopes & goals for 2011?
- recount my top 5 ever New Year's Eve kisses?
- my favorite posts of 2010?

All these options, but in the past I've been known for my ridiculous & numerous resolutions so I think that's what I'd like to share with you this New Years Day. And I've had a pretty high success rates for my resolutions, like the year I decided I wanted to be a "hat person". But without further adieu or random stories, I present to you:

New Years Resolutions 2011
  1. Wear pearls & dresses at least once a week - Not necessarily at the same time. Pearls one day, a dress another. Really it's just a part of reclaiming "Me". And my No-Pants-November challenge taught my not to fear dresses in the winter, tights really aren't so bad.
  2. Don't Listen to the Black Eyed Peas - They've been of my crap-list for some time, but remaking Time of my Life is crossing the line & they are now officially dead to me.
  3. Do the Dishes - This is my one weakness. The one and only thing about living alone I'm not a fan of is that it's never someone else's turn. Too bad, it need to be done more frequently than currently.
  4. Protect my Camera - I have a new one! Woohoo! Your regularly scheduled Sparky will return very soon, but I need this camera to not get quite as beat up so it doesn't crap out after one year. Lesson learned.
  5. Kick it Old School - I want to make a bigger effort to go back to some habits that have kind of left the normal routine of our culture. I want to get better at sewing so I can create & remake my own things instead of just buy buy buy. I want to freeze food so I can eat by the same standards in the winter as I do in the summer when farmers markets are abundant. I've started changing the way I cook, going less processed so I can control what goes into my meals, but I could kick that up a notch too. I know this is a big resolution & won't be kept flawlessly, but it's just a progression in a certain direction.
So what about you? What are your New Years resolutions?


  1. I heart every one of your resolutions. I could not agree more with number two.

  2. I like that one of your resolutions is to not do something! I don't know if I could personally do the dresses/pearls thing, but starting to freeze food and go less processed does sound like a good idea :) Good luck!


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