Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Inspiration

I'm sure in another day or two many of you will be in family-fun full throttle... roasting chestnuts, decorating gingerbread houses, singing around the piano. Tradition is wonderful. But consider this to be the voice of inspiration here to tell you "Tradition doesn't mean a carbon copy every year. Get creative!"

When we went ice skating downtown the other day, there was an awesome gingerbread house display created by students all over the city. It was amazing! Sure there were a lot of beautifully decorated houses, but some of these kids really took it up a notch. It got my wheels of my little mind turning, maybe they'll do the same for you...

The Running of the Bulls

Football Stadium

The Eiffel Tower

Go get creative! And make sure to show me what you come up with, you wonderful people you.

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