Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 35

This time last year I was with a craft group of ladies that met every Wednesday night, & I started a blog to journal & record our projects. It was my first ever blogging experience. Clearly it didn't take long until I caught the blogger bug & had to start one of my own. These photos were intended for the craft blog but we threw in the towel before I ever got a chance to post them... thank goodness for Flashback Friday to revive a great project for this time of year!

The lovely Emma taught me how to make my own holiday paper (& also modeled for all these photos. Oww oww!)

Step 1 - Pulp

Step 2 - Scoop

Step 3 - Smush

Step 4 - Pretty (hey, remember when I was brunette?)

Head over to Christopher & Tia to link up with a Flashback of your own!


  1. HOW FUN!! I've always wanted to make paper. I've bought handmade paper before, but never made it myself. I'll let someone else make the mess, I've got enough messes of my own, haha.

    Omg I can't believe you've done 35 flashbacks. You're a total flashback pro.

  2. I love it so much! I'm totally googling how to do it NOW! Love this post girl! And you look as cute as EVA!

  3. OH man! I feel like a minor celebrity when I'm featured in your blog - is that lame? Also I love the warm fuzzies I have with this flashback... we should holiday craft again soon! ~ Emma


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