Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 24

This isn't so much a flashback as it is a flashforward....First Lady would suit me, don't you think?

I'm sure most little girls dream of being princesses but for some reason I always wanted to be First Lady. I remember when I got my prom gown & tried it on at home I didn't stand in front of the mirror & thank the academy... oh no, I welcomed imaginary guests to the White House. I blame Michael Douglass, I've seen that "American President" movie a few too many times & he's just so stinking charming!

Almost a year ago the Secret Service called my boss & said we could take some kids to see Air Force One take off when the President was in town, & I don't know how I got the job but it was probably a bigger thrill for me than for them. To have a Secret Service escort you to Air Force One... oh my gosh!!!!!! I GEEKED OUT (to say the least). Almost as much as when I got to tour the White House.

Unfortunately the picture is photoshopped. We did see Air Force One from a distance, but we weren't one of the groups that got to tour it, & then I snapped the picture of me later to add in. We did actually get to see Obama from a distance too... I have a photo of his backside running up the steps... the man's in good shape but it's not as faaaaabulous as my First Lady pose. I pull it off pretty well, right?


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  1. I LOVE it. If it ever comes down to a vote, I'm totally voting for you as the next First Lady :) Coincidentally, one of my best friends from high school's baby sister was on Laura Bush's personal staff. How cool is that? Believe it or not, at the end, she was ready to move on to other things!

  2. You would make an AMAZING first lady girl!! I love this! Too funny! And I LOVED that movie too, I forgot all about it!

  3. haha this is great....

  4. This post cracked me up. You did an awesome photoshop job, I had no idea. And yes, you'd be a fabulous first lady!
    stopping by from Flashback Friday

  5. wait a min... so you're really not on those steps?? i would never have known!


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