Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Signs of Sanity

Are you done hearing everyone talk about the Rally to Restore Sanity? No? ME EITHER! I didn't get to go but I watched it online & just love John Stewart even more than before. I just finished scrolling through Huffington Post's nearly 500 pictures of the signs people brought & had a really good chuckle. :) Here are some of my favorites...

I particularly like this one! Oh hey....

One place you will NOT be finding any sign of sanity today, however, is in my office as I curse out my coffee while scrubbing my WHITE hoodie with cold water. Grrrrrrr!!!!! And don't tell me not to blame the coffee, OF COURSE IT'S THE COFFEE'S FAULT. One minute the lid is on just fine & the next I have a caffeine waterfall cascading down the front of me. I didn't loosen the lid, so the only other suspect is the coffee itself. DAMN YOU TERRORIST COFFEE!


  1. Whao whoa whoa...don't use words like that...

    ...I mean "cascading"...what a visual word!!! you thought I was going to say "terrorist", didn't you!

  2. Mike and Maryanne went to this and Mike's sign was my favorite...

    "you can pry my reasonableness from my cold dead hands"

    here's to political thinking made of a sound mind!


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