Thursday, November 4, 2010

The "No-Pants November" Challenge

I remember about 4.5 years ago when I was just a new intern, I used to TRY so hard at everything. Make sure I was completely flawless in every way possible: my work ethic, my attitude, my appearance, everything. I remember someone actually asking me "Do you even OWN pants? You never wear anything but skirts." because that's what empowered women do... they expect to be treated with every shred of the equality our feminist sisters of the past fought for, but without rejecting our own femininity. We wear skirts to the office while we kick ass, right?

When did I loose that spark of EFFORT?

These days I do my makeup as I drive which limits me to powder, blush, mascara & gloss. Not only do I own pants but I wear a lot of them. Which came first, the pants or the lack of motivation to shave my legs regularly? Like the chicken & the egg, it's hard to know for sure.

It's time for a change! I maybe be getting a little late start since this is November 4th, but from here on out I will strive for No-Pant November, committing to wear skirts & dresses. You may be asking yourself "Where did this challenge come from? I've never heard of it before. Is it sweeping the nation?" The answer is... I just made it up. No it's not sweeping the nation, it's not even sweeping my friend circle. It's just something I'm doing for ME.

Inspiration came from WWEPW where one girl is already on day 122 of her own no-pants challege!! Day 122!!!!! And although this was never the intention, I love that this is in direct opposition to "No-Shave November" where all my Y-chromosome acquaintances turn into a werewolf. I felt a calling & for the remainder of the month I'll be answering that call. Feel free to join me if you like!

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  1. Why are you challenging mustache-giving?

  2. i'm sitting in a bathrobe right now. No Pants November!

    (i'm sure this will last 30 minutes, as I see sweats in my near future)

  3. sometimes... being warm trumps wearing skirts... just saying! But more power to ya! :)


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