Monday, November 1, 2010

Double the Costume, Double the Fun

Well friends, some of you got to see this in real life & now it's time to finally show off my costume for the rest of you. Unfortunately I committed what I consider the ultimate blogger sin, I forgot my camera!!! So all I've got are headshots I snapped once I got home from the party. This year I took my inspiration from the silver screen...

I was from Pleasantville. Completely black & white.

I never repeat costumes... I always think I will but I love dressing up so much I can't bring myself to be the same thing more than once. But if I did (or more likely, if anyone wants to borrow this idea in the future... please do!) I'd do one thing differently: play with makeup options. I turned out WAY more metallic than I imagined & felt like it ruined it a little. I felt more like the tin-man than trapped in an old TV show. And a little advice for something that DID work was making my hair white. The color spray didn't work great, but then I put on baby powder while my hair was wet with hairspray & it took really really well!

And as if one Halloween costume wasn't fun enough, I actually got to dress up 2 nights in a row! Woooo! Night #2 I went for something with less effort... slap on a wig & release the inner-me that I wish I had the balls to be in real life. A little bit punk & a lot of attitude. (I didn't buy this wig for Halloween, I just got it years ago thinking "I wish I could look like this all the time")

I'm also going to go ahead & take credit for the absolute adorableness that is Justin & Joanna. I gave them one my couple-costume ideas from my mental-vault. Of course I'd never be able to pull it off quite as well as they did, so I was glad to pass on my idea for a few of my favorite people.

I wasn't originally going to post this, but I just HAVE TO! :) When I got home from my night in Pleasantville & was ready to be in technicolor again, I took out my bobby-pins & thought "Wow, I have perfect Marilyn Monroe hair!" So maybe it's not normal to snap a pic of yourself naked, (shoulders & up, don't worry...) half silver, & about to hop in the shower but I just know I'll never look this "Marilyn" again in my life. So even though I'm kind of embarrassed to be posting it, here it is!


  1. Brilliant! What an imaginative costume. I have to ask...was that makeup itchy??? I like the rock star look too. Isn't Halloween the best ever???

  2. nice! I guess a gray tone would have been better, but you pulled it off pretty well. Good job Marilyn. ;)

  3. oh my goodness... i LOVE your pleasantville costume!! what a great idea! you pulled it off, definitely!!

  4. Baby powder is such a good idea! I'm doing this costume this year but didn't want silver or black hair, I wanted white. Thanks for the idea :)


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