Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 33

Halloween!!!! It turns me into a little girl who wants to go door to door & beg total strangers for candy! Except we didn't do much of that when I actually was a little girl, I wonder if that's why I have such an affinity for the holiday now? Usually we did something a little more "Christian". *sigh* Yeah, I know...

But at least I still got to dress up even if we were only going to a Church party instead. And darn it, I was CUTE.
Then I got older... like Sue Sylvester said "Halloween is that time of year when we encourage little boys to dress like girls, & little girls to dress like whores." haha Recognize that bodice? Yep, the trashy pirate flashback from a few weeks ago actually originated as a trashy Little Red Riding Hood. Mom helped sew the costume & I made that Big Bad Wolf outfit for my friend by myself in my dorm room! Not bad for not having a sewing kit & only using rubber cement, huh?
Now I'm more mature... have a little more self-respect (& also a little more weight that I don't like to let hang out anymore. haha we'll pretend it's the maturity) so I tend to opt for costumes with more class & glamor. Last year's peacock was my FAVORITE EVER & will be really hard to top, if I ever can. Yes I made that tail myself!!!

So what's in store for this year's Halloween? Uh-uh, not telling. You'll just have to wait until the weekend is over to find out!


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  1. The peacock costume is amazing! I may have to steal that for next year. Who can pass up a chance to wear feathers and sparkles and have it be totally acceptable?

  2. The peacock costume is awesome!

  3. My, My, My...just look at how those dimples have matured!!

    I absolutely love your robot!!

  4. I love your peacock costume! So original!

  5. Rhonda the Robot. That is just simply awesome! Those tail feathers are beautiful. What did you do with them when you were done???

    I adore Halloween. I'm dressing up as an updated, semi Goth Jem from Jem and the Holograms :)

  6. Are you serious?? that peacock costume is AMAZING. And you sure were a cute kid!

  7. I still resent that robot costume since Mom and Dad sawed off the face mask of my football helmet to make your robot. I'm glad my misery gave you a happy halloween. :)


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