Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Advent Calendars

Most years I try to block out the holiday season until the official shotgun start after Thanksgiving. This year I don't even care, I want Christmas cheer & I want it now! haha I may hold out on actual Christmas music. Plus starting early means not having to continually play catch-up. Example: Advent Calendars.

Advent calendars weren't really a tradition in my house as a kid, we had them occasionally but it was no big whoop, but I love them. Being the grown-ass adult woman that I am, it's appropriate for me to start investing in traditions. I'm not only subject to the traditions of my childhood but I can also start building the traditions I'll want to carry the rest of my life. (Wow, that's almost trippy to think about.) One thing I really enjoy are the seasons of preparation... at Easter we go through Lent, at Christmas we go through ADVENT.

And getting a head start of Christmas means I could (hypothetically) create a super awesome, keep forever type advent calendar actually in time for advent! Here are some of my favorite examples I've found so far:


I think my favorites are the "Brooklyn" calendar since I'm a total city girl... but I wonder a good way to make it reusable year after year & also give it more of a Pittsburgh heart. And obviously I'll need to make the doggie treat tree for my Natalie, but that goes without saying.


  1. I wonder if you couldn't make something incorporate pittsburgh's bridges, or tunnels? Like maybe the entrance to the tunnel is blocked (you know, due to assholes, accidents, and stupidity), and then you open it and it's like it should be, a steady speed with no break lights!

  2. Yeah, I was watching the episode of Charlie and Lola (on Playhouse Disney if you aren't familiar with it...though you NEED to be...it's super cute) where they get an advent calendar and I thought "we need one of thems". Now I'll be on the hunt for one :)


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