Friday, November 19, 2010

Repost: Coffee Reverence

This isn't a new post... I originally wrote this some time in the spring, but the sentiment is timeless: sleep deprivation & the almighty coffee. Last night I stayed out way past my bedtime, I mean WAY past. And it was so worth it because I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard & for so long. Mostly about the mysteries of female anatomy. haha I sent a text message to those friends afterwards saying I better learn to love my smile-lines since THEY are the ones causing them.

But as fantastic as it was to stay out late with a devil-may-care attitude, This also means there's a list of things I didn't to last night... like write a post for yesterday. Or a flashback for today.

And the cherry on top... I'm taking my students on a field trip! Woooo! So as I attempt to keep my eyelids open & care for the safety of 8 freshmen, please accept my humble offering of a recycled post that is oh so appropriate for today:

It's one of those days... not a bad day, just a coffee day. It's the only thing keeping me awake enough to give my students their proper attention on their last day. Here's a dirty little secret: educators are just as excited for the end of the year as the kids are. Even me, who works all summer & will have a new crop of kids in a week or 2, is giddy for the end of school & graduation. But my eyelids would beg to differ... they'd rather still be in bed than saying goodbye to my kids.

Coffee to the rescue! If there's anything Miss Wolcott ( <--that's me) is good at, it's faking it. Tired? Never, let's be excited for our last day & finish the year on an awesome note! How you end the year is every bit as important as how you start it! Yay! Ohmygoshshootmenow. ThankGodforcoffeegoodness. Blahhhhhhhhh.

So I'd like to pay tribute to that old friend who keeps me going on mornings like this in the same way I celebrate most things... I daydream & surf etsy & compile fantasy lists. Don't you?

Wouldn't you like to sit down for a cup with me if I had this adorable set?

  1. Mustache Mugs

  2. Linen Coasters

  3. Cream & Sugar Pottery

  4. Mug & French Press Cozy Set

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