Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We're Not Sluts

Clearly, we like to party. You wouldn't stand if front of the sign if you didn't mean it, right? But to yell "Sluts!" at us from your car window? Tsk tsk tsk... Where's the love?

It's something so silly but as my girls & I were walking back to our car this weekend, transitioning from a game night to late-night-munchies to an even later night art gallery exhibit, some guy leaning out his window to call us sluts set us all back. There was this awkward pause where we all looked at eachother & said the likes of "Hey, we're not sluts. Do we look like sluts? I thought we looked nice." And we DID look nice.

It just goes to show that people still make snap-decisions just by glancing at a person. Yes, we were in the notorious party neighborhood, we were dressed up to go out, we were in heels... but we're also 2 married ladies & a churchy-lady... not sluts.

We all do it. In that same night my own friends were making jokes that if we were "x" lbs. lighter & "y" inches taller we'd be awesome super models... we'd just need to lower our IQ by "z" points. Hey wait, why would we automatically assume that these women are stupid? And when I showed up with college friends & said we'd be leaving early to "go to the Warhol & then probably get our drink on" it got translated to get sloppy-hammered at the club. Not what we meant. I kind of wonder if it was a dude who said that, or maybe if we weren't dressed up, if the same assumptions would be made.

So where am I going with all this? Well... I don't know, really. I just think we need to be nicer to eachother. Try not to assume the worst in people based on their looks. And especially women... let's not be so harsh on other women, I see that more than anything. Again, where's the love? Because, hey... we're not sluts.


  1. What's wrong with the world, mama
    People livin' like they ain't got no mamas
    I think the whole world addicted to the drama
    Only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma

    And to discriminate only generates hate
    And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah
    Madness is what you demonstrate
    And that's exactly how anger works and operates
    Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
    Take control of your mind and meditate
    Let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all

    I mean, I guess that last word should be "yinz" but it just doesn't fit.

    As soon as I read this blog, I started singing this song and felt that it fit! :)

  2. You forgot to mention i yelled back "asshole." Which wasn't too nice of me either, but really. We were all classy and not slutty at all. Jerk


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