Monday, October 25, 2010

BFF... For Serious.

*sings* People let me tell you about beeeest frieeeend...

I just spent a lovely weekend with some especially lovely ladies... as you can see. hehe Nothing flatters quite like the perfect chin photo, does it?

My best friend was in town for a visit & the legendary F-Unit was reunited. Everything was perfect, if only weekends were longer. My little apartment feels so much more cozy when it's filled to the brim with friends. We drank, played poker, cooked, went to the Warhol, & LAUGHED. Perfection.
Don't we look like such grown-ass ladies? We felt like it too as we watched Sam's hubby mow the grass through the kitchen window, beer in hand of course. We joked the whole weekend about how OLD we've gotten (seriously in bed by midnight on Friday) but still there are some things that will never change with age. Like the fact that we're completely ridiculous...

And like to pose like emo kids...

And Vogue models...


  1. In love with everything about this post..

    ...thanks for not putting the pic of my side-ass up...however, just as a reminder, I would like it in an email! :)

  2. I LOVE it! Oh, and refrence to your boobs in your last post....I'll take them! Man, I know they annoy you but I'm jealous:)

  3. Those weekends are the best! Looks like you had some good times. PS: that red Cannondale looks like a sweet commuter bike...

  4. Such a good weekend! Wish we could do it more ladies! Oh and that bike was a sweet commuter bike for my hubby when he was still in college. He can't use it for that now to drive an hour away, but it's getting used anyway!


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