Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 30

There are some things that time doesn't change, like good friends. Hairstyles on the other hand...

Geeze, I miss this girl! Our super posh jet-setting lifestyles (haha almost true) have kept us apart all summer. First I was in NY, then she was in Vegas, then I was in Seattle, then she was at the Ocean... it's been way too long & I'm going through serious Fleegal-withdraw.

30 weeks of Flashback Fridays, already huh? Wow! Sometimes I still feel like just a baby newbie blogger, but evidence to the contrary. I feel like this is a good opportunity to say how much I appreciate you guys, my readers. Every comment that pops up in my inbox makes my day brighter regardless of how the rest of the day looks. I enjoy writing & would be fine if I was just talking to myself out here in blogland, but you guys really add substance to it. You make it a conversation & I love you for that.  Now we'll see if I have 30 more weeks worth of old flashbacks?


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  1. I miss the both of you posh ladies. Let's make a mini trip happen soon!

  2. well...I guess not so much a secret now. damn.

  3. AW, you guys are too adorable :) It's always good to have great friends like you have. When you hit...oh my age, you will have some great memories to look back on!


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