Sunday, September 19, 2010


I think I need a time-out.

Not for long, just maybe a week, but I need a break from blogging. This is the first time since I started in January that I've willingly stepped away from the keyboard for this long... & something in my head is screaming at me for it. "Don't do it! You have more readers than ever & you're letting them all down. They'll get bored & never come back! You're just getting lazy & losing creativity, don't give in to the weakness. Must... blog... to live..." My head yells some pretty dramatic threats sometimes, but this was honestly a tough decision to come by.

The truth is I'm feeling a little dried up. My schedule is crazy, work is hard, there are millions of things I want to do in addition to everything I have to do, & I'm running close to empty. So before I hit break-down mode or before my immune system craps out on me like it always does under pressure, I'm just going to clear some room in my schedule. Something's got to go... & I think that "something" is my guilt when I feel like I have nothing uplifting to say to all you wonderful people.

So for 1 week I'm not going to try. Instead I'm going to make sure I get time to run, & watch the season premiers I want this week, & maybe even get some lesson plans done in advance to take stress off the next work week. You know, the things normal people do who don't have threats of losing all their readers bouncing around their head. And you'll all still be there when I get back, right? (Please?) Hopefully I'll come back refreshed & feeling like me. See you again in 1 week!

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  1. I know how you feel! That's one of the reasons I went on a Facebook fast. Not sure when I'll get back on, but it's been very helpful for productivity at least. Good luck!


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